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vatsim_online updates

vatsim_online gem has been updated twice with new features and API changes, I apologize for the inconvenience to the early adopters. Here's the changelog:

v. 0.3 - 22 July 2012

  • The hash returned by the vatsim_online method now includes 2 new arrays: arrivals and departures. These two are returned separately for convenience, in case you want to loop through them separately. The pilots array return is unchanged and contains all arrivals and departures.
  • New station attributes: latitude, longitude
  • Improved UTF-8 conversion process

So the method return now looks like this:

icao.vatsim_online # => {:atc => [a1, a2, a3 ...], :pilots => [p1, p2, p3, p4 ...],
                   #    :departures => [p1, p4 ...], :arrivals => [p2, p3...]}

icao.vatsim_online[:atc] #=> [a1, a2, a3 ...]
icao.vatsim_online[:pilots] #=> [p1, p2, p3 ...]
icao.vatsim_online[:departures] #=> [p1, p3 ...]
icao.vatsim_online[:arrivals] #=> [p2, p4 ...]

icao.vatsim_online[:atc].first #=> a1
icao.vatsim_online[:pilots].first #=> p1

a1.callsign #=> "LQSA_TWR"
a1.frequency #=> "118.25" #=> "Svilen Vassilev"

p1.callsign #=> "ACH217S"
p1.departure #=> "LQSA"
p1.destination #=> "LDSP"
p1.remarks #=> "/V/ RMK/CHARTS"

v. 0.2 - 21 July 2012

  • Station attribute departure is now renamed to origin
  • UTF-8 is now enforced for all local caching and file/string manipulations, the original Vatsim data is re-encoded
  • Station ATIS is now cleaned of invalid and obscure characters
  • Improved documentation
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