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Vatsim_metar: a ruby gem for displaying Vatsim metars

I just released a simple ruby library for pulling and displaying latest VATSIM metar for a particular station. Can be used with Rails, Sinatra or any other kind of ruby application (web or otherwise).

The usage is really simple, here's a quote from the README:

The .metar method can be applied to a string (or variable containing a string), representing a valid ICAO code. Like this:

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The input ICAO code is not case sensitive, so the following should work as well:

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This library augments the default Ruby String class with a method named .metar. It returns a string, containing the latest Vatsim METAR. The data is obtained via curl from Vatsim's web API, hence the curb dependency.

The packaged gem is available on rubygems and the source code and documentation are on github.

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