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Latest gem updates

I made a few updates to some of my gems recently and here's a brief overview:


The vatsim_online gem received some new atributes to the Station class:

  • planned_altitude (or FL)
  • transponder
  • heading
  • qnh_in (set QNH in inches Hg)
  • qnh_mb (set QNH in milibars/hectopascals)
  • flight_type (I for IFR, V for VFR, etc)
  • cid
  • latitude_humanized (e.g. N44.09780)
  • longitude_humanized (e.g. W58.41483)

More importantly, this library now plays nicely with gcmapper. A new attribute is provided for the pilot stations: .gcmap which returns a great circle map image url, depicting the GC route of the aircraft, its origin and destination, its current position on the route, together with its current altitude and groundspeed.

Here's an example:

icao.vatsim_online[:pilots].first.gcmap #=> image url of the map

GC Map

vatsim_online on


The gcmapper gem is updated for compatibility with vatsim_online. No user-facing changes here.

gcmapper on


The airdata Rails engine now includes default ordering for all 3 classes. Airports and waypoints are sorted alphabetically i.e. ordered by id, and the runways are ordered by their airport_id. Remember you can always override the default ordering by using Active Record's .reorder method

airdata on

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